CorpWest IP Phone Guide
Rev 3.2

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Generic Instructions:

Connecting to the network:

  • Connect a network cable between a free network jack and the connector labelled 'LAN' on the phone.
  • You can share the same network connection with your computer by connecting a network cable to your computer and the connector labelled 'PC' on your phone if you want.
  • If you are using PoE, be sure to plug your phone in to a PoE outlet. If not, be sure to plug in the power adapter that came with your phone.
Placing a call:
  • Pick-up the handset or press 'SPEAKER'
  • Dial the number (ie: 3744655 or 18008705454 or 4083694323)
  • Wait 5 seconds or press 'SEND'
Receiving a call:
  • Phone will ring
  • Display will show CallerID (if available)
  • Pick-up receiver or press 'SPEAKER'
2nd Incoming Call:
  • Line 2 will flash and CallerID of new call will display
  • If not answered in 20 seconds, new call will go to voicemail
  • Press 'HOLD' to place line 1 on hold and press Line 2 to answer incoming call
Blind Transfer:
  • Press 'TRANSFER'
  • Enter extension or outside phone number
  • Press 'SEND'
Attended Transfer:
  • Press 'TRANSFER'
  • Enter extension or outside phone number
  • Press 'SEND'
  • Hang Up
Transfer to voicemail
  • You can transfer a call directly to voicemail:
  • Push '*' before the extension
  • This can be used in conjuction with blind transfer or to reach someone's voicemail directly from your phone or from the IVR
Local Hold:
  • To place a call on hold at YOUR phone, press the 'HOLD' button
  • Line button will flash indicating a call on hold on that line
  • Press another line to pick-up or place another call
  • Press the flashing line to reconnect
  • Note: The call can only be picked back up at the same phone.
System Hold or Call Parking:
  • To place a call on hold in the sytem:
    • Press '#70"
    • Wait for Asterisk to read you back an extension - remember this number
    • The caller will hear on-hold music
  • Go to ANY other phone and dial the extension you heard to be re-connected
  • If you have a message waiting, the 'Message Lamp' on your phone will be lit or flashing
  • To manage your messages, pick ANY of the following:
    • Press the 'MESSAGE' button on your phone
    • Dial '*98' from any phone in the office
    • Form outside, call your company main line and press '*98'
    • If you receive a message via e-mail, double-click on the '.WAV' attachment to listen
  • Our standard configuration is for messages to go to both the phone's message system and e-mailed to you.
  • Your initial password is '54321' followed by the '#' key - please change it
  • If you forget your password or want your e-mail settings changed, please contact CorpWest
  • To change your personal settings such as password and greetings:
    • Log in to the message system (see above)
    • Press '0' for message options
      • Press '1' to record your unavailable message
      • Press '2' to record your busy message
      • Press '3' to record your name (used in prompts and company directory)
      • Press '4' to record a TEMPORARY greeting
      • Press '5' to change your message password
Conference Call:
  • With one LINE active and another call ON HOLD, press the 'CONFERENCE' button and then the LINE that is ON HOLD to connect all 3 people
  • Press 'HOLD' to break the conference call keeping each party on hold or simply hang up.
Group Conference Room:
  • Call the main number from outside or pick up an inside phone
  • Call a free conference room extension (see in-house extension list for roome extensions)
  • Enter the PIN number for the conference room followed by the '#' key
  • Announcement will tell you how many other people are in the room
  • First person in the room will hear on-hold music. Once more people join, they will all be connected together
Other Features - MAY be disabled on your system:
  • DND - press the 'DND' button or press *78 to activate DND. Press again or press *79 to turn off
  • Forwarding - to forward all your calls to another number, press '*72' and enter a new number at the tone. To cancel, press *73
  • Press # or *411 for company directory from the main line
Advanced Features:
  • Enter the IP address of your phone in your browser
  • Change the timezone, backlighting, speed-dials and other phone specific settings

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