Corporate West now offers turnkey VoIP solutions for small and medium businesses. We provide a IP Phone server pre-configured with the best open-source PBX server software, telephony equipment, and management consoles along with a variety of VoIP phones and complete network services, installation and training. Once your system is installed, we provide the same high standard of on-going customer service and maintenance Corporate West customers have learned to expect.

Built on open standards, Asterisk PBX software sets the benchmark for software-based PBX systems. A user-friendly web-based user interface provides access to a long list of handy features including:

  • Unlimited Voice mail (Email, phone, and paging)
  • Customized Automated Attendant
  • Conference Calling and Meet-me-Rooms
  • MP3 music on-hold
  • Caller ID with look-up capabilities
  • Call Recording
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Reporting
  • Call Transferring
  • PoE Support
  • Remote Office Support
  • DID Support
  • And all the features one would expect from a PBX system

Complete VoIP Solutions

Using open industry standards rather than costly proprietary software and hardware, Corporate West provides a cost effective VOIP solution that easily scales from 5-250 users.

Our system gives you the opportunity to use your existing network for telephone and Internet services.

Connect your business to the IP Phone server at your location or over a dedicated T1 to our state-of-the-art Data Center at Market Post Tower.

We take care of the complete integration of your business phone and Internet service. Corporate West provides service upgrades, management, hosting and will also work with your local staff to install and support the system's hardware.

Technical Specifications

    IP Phone Server Platform
  • Tower or 1U form factor
  • Intel Server-base
  • Hardware RAID 1 SATA Hard Drives
  • Digium T1 Telephony Card
  • Digium Analog Card 11B - one POTS line and one analog extension
  • Linux (Hardened)
    Application Suite
  • Asterisk VOIP Server
  • Asternic Flash Console
  • AMP Asterisk Management Portal
  • Apache Web Server
  • SSH Shell Remote Management
  • API available for integration to customer databases and applications
  • VoIP Business and Soft Phones
  • Basic SIP phones starting at $79
  • Polycom business and conference phones
  • Cisco new and refurbished VOIP phones
  • Support for analogue phones
    Network Services
  • Network Backbone, WAN, and VPN Design
  • PoE Switches (Cisco or Netgear Preferred)
  • High-speed Netmagic Internet Services (DSL and T1)
  • Telco relationships with SBC, Verizon, and Focal

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