Asterisk TAPI

or how to place calls from Outlook

Asterisk ActiveTSP is an opensource Asterisk Tapi driver for windows. This allows users of TAPI compliant applications such as Outlook and Act to dial contacts directly from the application using an Asterisk PBX Server.
  1. Download File:
  2. Un-zip and run installation program
  3. Enter the information for YOUR extension and pbx:
  4. Configure
    • Launch Outlook
    • Contacts
    • Right click one of your contacts and select "call contact"
    • Select the button for "dialing options"
    • On the "Connect using line" use the pull down list to select "Asterisk"
    • Select "Line Properties"
    • Host - host name of your PBX
    • Port - 5038
    • User - TAPI
    • Password - your company's seret password for TAPI
    • User Channel - SIP/Ext ie: SIP/311
    • Inbound chan - leave blank
    • Dial by "context"
    • from-internal
    • CompanyName ie: CorpWest <4083694311>
    • Check - Attempt to set ougoing callid
    • Dial - leave blank

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