For which environments is CorpWest ThinClient designed?

CorpWest ThinClient is ideal for general productivity settings in which workers are using Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, in addition to CRM and accounting applications that operate on the Microsoft Windows Server platform.
Examples are:

  • Schools
  • General business offices
  • Mortgage broker offices
  • Real estate broker offices
  • Financial services offices
  • Medical offices and healthcare facilities
  • CRM/service/support facilities

CorpWest ThinClient offers several extremely attractive benefits over traditional desktop systems.

  • Security: CorpWest ThinClient software installations and upgrades are all done on the central CorpWest server. This means you’re completely insulated from viruses and have total control over each user’s desktop.
  • Cost savings: CorpWest ThinClient cost less to purchase initially than desktop PCs, and are cheaper to manage and operate. Upgrades and patches are routinely performed by CorpWest’s expert IT staff, and you’ll find that your IT repair bill will minimal.
  • Versatility: CorpWest ThinClient means your users can run PC applications without the headache of managing PCs. In addition, a variety of emulations and operating systems can be used on the CorpWest ThinClient system.


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