CorpWest ThinClient is a high-performance, networked computer without any local disk storage. Instead of a traditional desktop computer that occupies desk space or sits on the floor collecting dust, your users have a 17” or 19” LCD display, a keyboard, and a mouse. Instead of the hard disk, applications are launched from, and documents are stored to, a central server that CorpWest manages in its secure datacenter. CorpWest ThinClient communicates with the CorpWest central server over a high-speed data connection (DSL, T1, or better) which can also be provided by CorpWest. In addition, CorpWest includes regular backups of each user’s documents, firewall protection and managed anti-spam and anti-virus. And each CorpWest ThinClient system is backed by CorpWest’s team of IT experts, who can be available 24x7 to respond to your users’ system and configuration questions.

Your users won’t even know that they no longer have a local hard disk — and they certainly won’t miss it. They’re assured of a stable, modern, and highly secure and, above all, reliable system. Once they logon to the secure CorpWest server, CorpWest ThinClient system starts up with the latest Windows OS, giving users instant access to all of their documents and their day-to-day applications. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook are included with the system.

Even your critical custom enterprise applications can be run from the CorpWest ThinClient workstations.  Better yet, since all of the operating system and software applications are stored on a central server, you’re assured that each user is running the latest versions and updates. Individual users’ views are configured by the administrator: local desktop setup, home folder, workgroup, printers, servers, shared folders, and so on. This makes it easy for different users to share a single CorpWest ThinClient system.

Finance and IT managers also won’t miss the traditional desktop computers that CorpWest ThinClient replaces. Here are some of the benefits that CorpWest ThinClient offers:

  1. Zero capital expense. Instead, a fixed monthly fee is charged for each system.
  2. No per-user software license fees; these are included with each system.
  3. Trade-in program so you can cost-effectively migrate your traditional desktop systems to CorpWest ThinClient systems.
  4. High reliability means you can reduce your support headcount requirements.
  5. Central OS and application software management means you no longer have to worry about upgrades, service packs and security patches.
  6. “No surprises” customer service: if a CorpWest ThinClient system goes down, we’ll swap it out fast.


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