How does CorpWest ThinClient work?

CorpWest’s expert IT staff has specially configured terminal services software to make it possible to experience the speed and instantaneous response of a local area network over the Internet.

Since the system depends entirely on the availability of the central terminal server, we take uptime of this server very seriously. CorpWest fully manages the terminal server in a fully redundant environment that features:

  • Three separate power entrances from PG&E
  • Fail-safe back-up batteries
  • Three separate Generators
  • Multi-homed internet access on separate routers
  • 5-9’s SLA

To ensure a stable and hassle-free operating environment, CorpWest fully manages the operating system (and all necessary updates), Windows Server Client Access Licenses (CALs), anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

To protect your system from intrusion, CorpWest builds, manages and monitors the encrypted secure tunnel between the terminal server and each CorpWest ThinClient system.

And we back this up with a local customer support center that handles all trouble reports.


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