Corporate West can recommend and deploy comprehensive, proven backup technology and strategies to ensure none of your critical data is ever lost.

An effective backup strategy first involves a comprehensive needs analysis and definition of recommended procedures to minimize risk exposure. CorpWest then recommends and implements a backup plan consisting of :

  1. Scheduling: we perform all backups of your data. We can schedule full, incremental or differential backup procedures.
  2. Integrity testing: our experienced engineers test and confirm that all backups have been performed correctly and that your data is fully secured. If there’s a problem with a backup, we’ll run the backup again to ensure data integrity.

Data recovery: our technicians can also assist with the restoration and reconfiguration of data in the event that any information is lost. This can be from your current backups or from failed or failing hard drives.

TIP:Before replacing your old tapes, talk to us replacing your current tape system with a NAS or USB drive backup system that provides FULL backups to high-speed drives. The complete new system usually costs less than the price of just the replacement tapes for you old system!

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