Developing an effective and impregnable approach to network security is one of the most pressing issues faced by CIOs. CorpWest offers a comprehensive suite of managed security services that protect your network and users from the threats and costs of viruses and spam.

Off-the-shelf anti-spam and anti-virus software is normally situated in the mail server, firewall, or at the desktop. These software-based solutions are not only very expensive, costing as much as $5,000 or more, but are difficult to set up, require continuous updating, and sometimes never work altogether. Corporate West can eliminate these costs for you.

By outsourcing your anti-spam and anti-virus services to CorpWest you’re able to completely isolate your corporate network from the destructive influence of spam and viruses since the CorpWest security services sit between your network and the Internet. Additionally, you won’t need to dedicate computer and storage resources to fight the onslaught of spam and viruses since we take care of that on your behalf, using our servers and out technology.

Our advanced monitoring technology examines your inbound email stream and identifies known spam and suspicious email content and attachment. You can decide whether suspicious email should be tagged and delivered to your users, quarantined in a web-accessible storage area for review by your users, or simply deleted. Either way, you’re assured that the problem handled long before your network or computer are damaged.


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