In 2015, Corporate West is transitioning all of their hosted e-mail customers from various e-mail platforms to a new Kolab platform. The Kolab platform allows us to provide a more robust mail platform spread over multiple servers in multiple data centers to provide a single high-speed redundant mail solution for all of our hosted customers.


  • Multiple servers for redundancy and scalability
  • Improved anti-spam filtering (see anti-spam section)
  • Anti-virus protection on all e-mails
  • New web interface (see webmail section)
  • Improved detection and blocking Denial of Service and Dictionary Attacks

You can also visit the Kolab On-line Help for on-line help the new Kolab platform.

If you used the following items in Zimbra, you will need to set them back up again on the new Kolab server:

  • Customer filtering rules
  • Vacation message
  • Web-mail signature
  • Contacts

Anti-spam Features

All CorpWest mail customers are now filtered though one of our anti-partners. Please see oyour sales rep or IT contact to determine which anti-spam package you are on.

Web-mail Features

The new web-mail interface uses the latest Ajax technology to act more like an application and less like a web page. With these new features and complexity comes learning where the new features are and how to do things:


  • Use "new" to create a new message or contact
  • You can use the control and shift keys to select multiple messages or contacts (just like you do in other Windows applications). You can also drag and drop them on most icons like folders or the trash can.
  • Use the right mouse button - it will give you a list of choices available for that item or section.
  • The screen will refresh and get new mail every 5 minutes. To get new mail NOW, press the "refresh" button.

Folders - Like Zimbra and most web-mail packages, Kolab allows you to organize your mail in to folders. If you converted from Zimbra to Kolab, your old folders will copy over as well. "Sent" and "Drafts" round out the default folders for copies of sent items and incomplete created messages respectively. You can create a folder by right clicking in the folder area and selecting "new folder".

Address Book - There are 2 address books: global and personal. The global address book shows every e-mail address and alias in your domain. This is created and maintained automatically. The personal address book is similar to that found in many high-end packages and can include detailed information about a contact - not just the e-mail address. To manage the local address book, click on the "Address Book" tab. You can even upload and download your address book to other applications such as Act! and Outlook using the import/export wizard.
There is also an automatically maintained "Emailed contacts" that records every e-mail address you have sent something to or replied to. You can edit or update e-mailed contacts and then copy them to the regular contacts to easily populate your address book.

Settings - Here you can change the password or your preferences. Here you can:

  • Change your own password
  • Set (or remove) a Vacation message
  • Change the number of messages per page (default is 50).
  • Manage your folders
  • Manage "filters" that automatically redirect mail as it arrives
  • Manage your signature (Identities - Signature)


We continue our tradition of blocking all known incoming viruses. Due to popular request, we no longer send notifications that you received a message with a virus - we will simply block it. We also block certain types of attachments based on extension that should never be sent in an e-mail (such as .dll).

Outlook & General Email Client Setup

There are MANY different mail clients and many versions of Outlook. Please use the following answers to setup YOUR favorite email client or smart phone:

    From your Outlook account settings, find and change:
  1. Incoming mail server =
  2. Mail server type: either IMAP OR POP3 (we support both)
  3. Username: Your full email address
  4. Outgoing mail server =
  5. Outgoing server requires authentication checked
  6. Outgoing mail port= 587 (used to be 25)
If you are experiencing problems sending mail through Outlook, please change your outgoing mail server to use authentication and/or port 587 to avoid the SMTP blocking and security policies imposed by your connectivity ISP. This will enable your mail client to send mail authenticated through our server from outside the CorpWest network including most ISP that block port 25 (like ATT/Yahoo, Comcast, and many hotels).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I change my password?
A) When logged into Kolab, click on the settings tab and then the "password"link. Password must be at least 6 characters.

Q) Do I need to empty my junkmail folder ?
A) No. Junkmail/spam will be retained for only 30 days and then automatically deleted. Same goes for the trash (unless your mail administrator has asked us to override these settings).

Q) Can I attach multiple files to an e-mail ?
A) Of course. Simply press "add attachment" again and a line for an additional attachment will appear.

Q) How can I look up address (when I click TO it is empty) ?
A) First, if you just start typing the recipient's name, the Kolab mail client will automatically look for matches in your global, personal, and e-mailed address books and give you a list of choices. If you click on TO, put in part of the person's name and select the correct address book. For all address in that book, enter a single period to search for all. You can select multiple addresses by holding the CONTROL key.

Q) How can I find more information about the new platform ?
A) We have an on-line user guide: Kolab User Guide . You can also send an e-mail to

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