CorpWest now offers remote assistance for customers with working Internet access. The Remote Access Application will allow a technician located at Corporate West to work WITH you on your screen. You will both be able to view and access information on your computer at the same time. This time saving application allows us to get to your problems quicker and save both you and us time, money, and gasoline. Once either you or the tech exits the program or reboots your computer, the connection is terminated and the program removed. CorpWest will NOT have access to your computer any longer in the future unless you repeat the steps to download the application and choose a tech to connect with again.

By downloading the below application, you allow a CorpWest technician temporary access to your computer to assist you with troubleshooting your problem. This service is only available to current CorpWest customers and subject to the terms and conditions of their service contract and acceptable use policy.

Please click on the link below to load the Remote Assistance Application:

Be sure to choose "open" or "run" when asked what to do with this program and accept any security warnings that come up...

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