ShopSite™ Pro

ShopSite™ Pro is a secure online store creation and management application designed to meet the needs of merchants and site developers who are seeking to build a professional, yet affordable storefront. In addition to its site creation and management tools and secure shopping cart, ShopSite™ Pro includes real-time credit card authorization, a site search engine, detailed sales and traffic statistics, plus features that make handling larger product databases (2000 products and above) easier and more efficient.

ShopSite™ Pro Feature Highlights

ShopSite™ Pro contains so many powerful and useful features that we can't list them all on one reasonably-sized page. Look over the features listed here, then click the link to view the complete list.

  • Gift Certificates
    There's no better way to help satisfied customers spread the word about your site than by offering Gift Certificates. Now customers can give gift certificates to friends and family, no matter what the occasion.
  • Customer Registration
    Customers can register at ShopSite™ Pro stores to make ordering quicker and easier. ShopSite™ remembers customers, including preferred payment methods and previous "ship to" addresses. Merchants can assign customers to different customer groups, and give each group it's own coupons for discounts to entice customers back to the store or to reward regular customers.
  • Real-time Credit Card Authorization/Processing
    ShopSite™ Pro easily links to online credit card processing services through several payment gateways. Learn more about credit card processing in ShopSite™.
  • Coupons
    Merchants can create coupons that customers can apply to individual products or entire orders. ShopSite™ Pro supports a wide variety of coupon discounts, including percentage discounts and currency discounts that can be applied to one product, a group or products, or an entire order. All aspects of the coupon are controlled by the merchant.
  • PayPal
    Merchants can let customers pay for purchases with PayPal, which means that merchants can accept credit card payments without having to have a merchant account. Merchants can also accept all other forms of PayPal payments.
  • UPS Online Tools
    Merchants can configure their stores to get real-time UPS rates and services, thereby letting customers see actual shipping rates in the initial shopping cart screen. Merchants can also enable UPS Address Validation, which checks the consistency of shipping addresses entered by customers.
  • Digital Downloads
    Merchants using ShopSite™ Pro can offer digital download products for sale, as well as tangible products. Digital downloads are products that can be downloaded over the Internet, such as software and documents. After a customer pays for a digital download, ShopSite™ allows the customer to access the files for download. The merchant can limit the amount of time and the number of attempts that the customer has to download the files.
  • Volume Discount
    Merchants can configure a dollar-based discount table in the back office that can be applied automatically to the customer's merchandise total at the time of checkout.
  • Associates
    Merchants can create special links for associates (affiliates) to place on their Web sites to direct traffic to the store. Merchants can pay associates a flat rate or a percentage of sales generated by the links on their sites.
  • Order Option Pricing
    Merchants can apply a discount or a premium to the base-price of a specific item, based on the options selected from pull-down menus by the customer.
  • Order Download into QuickBooks
    Order information can be downloaded from ShopSite™ Pro directly into QuickBooks in the QBXML format.
  • Advanced Customer Site Search
    Customers can search the ShopSite™ products database and see all matching products on a separate "results" page. Customers can even use Boolean expressions in their searches, such as AND and NOT. Each entry on the results page includes the product's name, price, and description, and a hot link to the product and an order button. The customer can buy on impulse right from the results page. The hotlink can point to a page in the store, the product's More Information page, or a URL that is not part of the ShopSite™ store.
  • Merchant Product Search
    Merchants can use a back office product search function to quickly find one or more products from among thousands of items. Searches can be on all or part of several product attributes, including product name, description, SKU, price, etc.
  • Order API
    Using the ShopSite™ Pro Order API, experienced developers can create custom order handling features, such as a custom program that delivers order information real-time to a fulfillment house or queries an inventory database to ensure that the product being requested is in stock.
  • Custom Checkout Fields
    ShopSite™ Pro merchants can add text, HTML, and form fields to the checkout/shipping screen. Fields can be radio buttons, text, textarea, checkboxes, drop-down lists, hidden or password. ShopSite™ collects the customer-supplied information along with the rest of the order information, and includes it on the View Order screen and when orders are downloaded.
  • Shipping API
    Using the ShopSite™ Pro Shipping API, experienced developers can integrate the ShopSite™ shopping cart with real-time shipping rate information from various shipping services, such as the United States Postal Service. ShopSite™ Pro merchants can also purchase third-party add-on modules built using the ShopSite™ Shipping API.
  • Universal PowerEdit
    By modifying one entry on the PowerEdit screen, a merchant can make a change to all selected pages or products.
  • Custom Pages
    For designers accustomed to using popular HTML page layout tools, this feature enables you to link existing ShopSite™ Pro database information, such as price, description, SKU, and product name, into your existing pages, using HTML-like tags. Designers can take full advantage of cool HTML tools, yet retain the ease-of-management that comes from maintaining product information within ShopSite™ databases.
  • Custom Templates
    Merchants and designers can exercise complete control over a store's look and feel with custom product, page, shopping cart, search, and gift certificate templates, which are built with HTML tags and easy-to-learn custom template tags. The look can be extended into the shopping cart and customer registration pages by modifying the templates for those screens.


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