Corporate West's technical underpinnings pack the security and power you'd expect - and that you need to succeed. We offer business of all sizes access to a carrier-grade, fully meshed BGP network. We understand your need for reliability, security, high bandwidth and fast transfer rates. That's why we're committed to implementing the latest Internet technologies to guarantee the best network infrastructure for your business.

Corporate West is a peering partner and co-lo tenant at 55 S. Market in San Jose. Also known as the "Gold Building" or "MAE-WEST", our data center is a multi-tenant Carrier Exchange Building in Silicon Valley which houses major carriers and Tier-1 IP Backbone providers. The building is connected to major internet peering points (MAE-West, MAE-East, PAIX, Equinix, AADS, NYIIX) with redundant OC-48 connections. In addition to peering arrangements in both 55 S. Market in San Jose and 1 Wilshire in L.A., CorpWest is also a charter member of the Any2 Peering Exchange giving us meshed access to peers all over the world. We also provide redundant, high-speed connections to all major Internet backbones, offering unmatched reliability and intelligent route control technology dynamically to identify the optimal path for your Internet applications.

The entire datacenter building is a secure, controlled access facility with 24x7x365 manned Security. The facility is secured with Card Key Access System, 24-hour Video Monitoring System with cameras installed in key locations to cover all accessible data center floor space. Critical area are secured with palm-print and password security systems in addition to the card key systems. In addition to the floor access security, all system hardware is locked in highly secure steel cages.

The entire Data Center floor has Industrial grade, redundant 30 Ton Leibert HVAC systems with zone based temperature monitoring and a micro particle air filtration system. The power system in the Data Center provides industrial grade, conditioned, multi-grid, redundant power, designed to run the entire data center without interruption. The Datacenter is powered by two independent Power Grids, separate redundant UPS Systems for each power grid, and separate Diesel generators for secondary backup. In case of a power outage, the generators can power the entire datacenter for up to 24 hours with the fuel onsite.

For those times when you need some help, you get direct access to our senior management, which eliminates finger pointing and puts the buck to rest where it belongs - at our doorstep. But don't just take our word for it. Our clients tell the Corporate West story best: from flexibility, pricing and technical expertise, to rock-solid reliability and friendly customer service.


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