Corporate West Computer Systems has been the Bay Area's premier network solution provider since 1985.  Through controlled growth and key acquisitions, they have been able to maintain their focus on individual service for their customer base while supporting many of the latest technologies such as VOIP. Originally supporting the Mac, PC, and telecom industry, Corporate West has grown with their customer needs, now providing equipment and services in Novell, Windows, and Linux platforms along with the complicated issues of Internet connectivity, wide area networking, VPNs, and security.

In 1991, Ray Shields and Chris Harris incorporated the business and formed Corprorate West Computer Systems Inc. In 1998, they formed TriggerIt Technologies, a subsidiary of Corproate West to provide a rapid developement platform web-based application technology.

In 2005, Corporate West expanded their business through strategic technology and equipment acquisitions. This allows Corporate West to offer a full range of Internet connectivity options from dial-up to T1s and T3s. CorpWest is now a Bay Area leader in VOIP technology and thin client services. Their technical expertice in designing and managing complex Internet architectures and extensive Linux and VOIP experience complement the Windows platform knowledge that Corporate West has always been know for.

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